With more than 800 private and thousands of community radio stations coming up and a shortage of trained Radio Jockeys and other radio professionals. The time is perfect for ‘You’ to get into this business.  Since 2003, the Academy of Broadcasting has been professionally training Radio Jockeys and other radio professionals, who have excelled in various radio stations in India and abroad.

It is now offering franchises all over India and abroad. If YOU believe in the power of radio, then this rewarding business awaits you.

How to apply for the Academy of Broadcasting franchise?

  • Call on +91-98727-26200 or +91-82838-08430 to schedule a phone interview.

For any query, kindly email to

Who can be a Franchisee?

We are looking for entrepreneurs with high levels of commitment and functional expertise in training and management. The person should believe in himself and be driven by a strong value system. A belief in the power of the upcoming broadcasting industry that is growing by leaps and bounds, is a must.

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