Here’s why we think you should choose to train at the Academy of Broadcasting:

    • The oldest Radio Jockey training academy (Since 2003) in North India.
    • Were selected as RJ trainers for Govt. schools by the Chandigarh (UT) Administration.
    • Proven success
      An impressive number of our students have found jobs in a wide variety of top-of-the-line FM radio stations in India and abroad.
    • Global Experience
      Our Founder has more than 24 years of experience in this field and has been trained in the US, has broadcast shows in India, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Middle East.
    • Our students have loved being trained here
      Click Student Testimonials on the Home page to read what they say.
    • Certification
      Students have to pass a Certification exam in order to be A of B certified Radio Pro.
    • Both Long-term & Short –term courses
      Keeping your time schedule in mind we have developed both Long-term & Short –term courses for your convenience.
    • The ‘Right’ training
      We teach radio skills, not just theory. It’s extremely practical. Students spend most of their time learning and practising for their own radio show.
    • The ‘Right’ courses
      The A of B knows what employers want. We teach the skills and creativity employers need. Our training is geared to helping you find a job.
    • Small class size
      The instructor-to-student ratio is very small. So that learning and supervision is close and constant.
    • Excellent Faculty
      Our faculty includes successful professionals with huge experience. They’re passionate about the medium, and they’re committed to share their skills and also encourage new talent.